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Chroniques de L'Amazonie (1996)

Production for Discovery Channel France, in association with French producer XL Productions

Agnus Day (1993)

MANAGEMENT André Luis de Souza

Production in association with YN Productions of Lyon, France

The Caipira Train (1993)

MANAGEMENT Georg Brintrup

Production in association with German TV ZDF

A House to Pelé (1990)

MANAGEMENT Walter Lima Jr.

Production for Channel 4 in France

Jorge Amado (1994)

MANAGEMENT João Moreira Salles

Food and Culture Around The World (1993)


Production in association with Franco American Films of France

Paradise's vision:
The Atlantic Forest Seen by Tom Jobim

MANAGEMENT Flávio Ramos Tambellini

Video Film Production

Paraty: Mysteries (1989)

MANAGEMENT Flávio Ramos Tambellini

Estoril Coast International Film Festival -  Special Jury Award 

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